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Sabbatical Reading Update

I wanted to post an update to my post Sabbatical Reading List. To better keep track of my progress with my reading, I’ve started tagging the books on my LibraryThing account in different categories: The current list of all the… Continue Reading Sabbatical Reading Update

Sabbatical Restart

Summer is over, and it’s time to really get to work on my Sabbatical project. I did do some work this summer – I’ve read 3 of the books on my Sabbatical Reading List (and added a few more to… Continue Reading Sabbatical Restart


I have been lurking in the OpenMRS project for the last 6 months or so. I have read wiki pages, installed the development environment, cloned the repository and built the code, and listened in on a number of OpenMRS weekly… Continue Reading De-lurking…

Sabbatical Reading List

I have begun my reading list for my sabbatical. It includes general software development/software engineering books, as well as books specifically aimed at the next two courses I will be teaching in our Software Development Concentration: CS-348 Software Process Management… Continue Reading Sabbatical Reading List

Fall 2014 Sabbatical

I am spending the Fall 2014 semester on sabbatical1. This is the proposal I submitted to request my sabbatical leave: I will use my sabbatical to become more expert in the area of Software Development/Software Engineering. The Computer Science Department… Continue Reading Fall 2014 Sabbatical

All Aboard the Coding Train!

cue Ozzy Osbourne laughter… This blog is coming to you direct from Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 95, where Stoney Jackson and I are on our way to POSSE 2014 at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. This is becoming an annual… Continue Reading All Aboard the Coding Train!

Code Break: GitLab API Part 1 – Creating student accounts

Now that we have the CS Department’s GitLab server set up, and CS-140 Lab 1 is rewritten and tested using the new server, I’ve started to think about how to automate my interactions with the server. I had already  written… Continue Reading Code Break: GitLab API Part 1 – Creating student accounts

Code Break: Making My Grading Easier

Downloading student assignment files from Blackboard as a single zip file saves a lot of time — you don’t have to individually open each “attempt”, download the file (renaming it in the process, so you don’t keep overwriting the previous file,… Continue Reading Code Break: Making My Grading Easier

CS-140 Lab 1 Using Our New GitLab Server

Chad Day recently completed the installation of our new GitLab server (read about it here and here.) This project was precipitated by some issues I had been having in trying to teach the use of git earlier in our curriculum.… Continue Reading CS-140 Lab 1 Using Our New GitLab Server

Code Break: Data File Manipulations in Python

In my CS-135 Programming for Non-CS Majors class, one of the primary objectives for the students is to learn to work with collections of data in files. I’m always happy when this requires manipulations that can’t be performed with other… Continue Reading Code Break: Data File Manipulations in Python