Oct 012017

To help me with finding student’s blog posts that have been syndicated to the CS@Worcester blog, I have been asking them to tag them with the course number (e.g. CS-343). That has worked well for finding just the posts for a particular class.

But, what would make it even easier for me, would be to also have them add a tag for the week that the post is due (e.g. Week-1) so that I don’t need to scroll back until I find the first post from the previous week.

So, I’m tagging this post in the same way that I’m thinking of asking them to do it to see if it works.

Jun 152017

The Worcester State University Library has called for proposals for Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI) mini-grants to support Fall 2017 courses to the use of Open Educational Resources. I have submitted a proposal to support the use of OER in CS 343 Software Construction, Design, and Architecture. This is the first required course in our… Continue Reading Course Prep: Open Educational Materials Grant Proposal

Jun 152017

Yesterday was International Weblogger’s Day, and in honor of the day I’m going to make a resolution to post on my blog at least once a week. (Let’s see how well that goes…)

May 252017

I am preparing for a new (for me) course for the Fall 2017 semester: CS 343 Software Construction, Design, and Architecture. My intention is for this to be a course primarily about software design and I want to approach it through design patterns, software architectures, and modern software frameworks. These are all topics that I… Continue Reading New Course Prep: Learning UML

Oct 092014

I wanted to post an update to my post Sabbatical Reading List. To better keep track of my progress with my reading, I’ve started tagging the books on my LibraryThing account in different categories: The current list of all the books on my sabbatical reading list. Books that I have finished reading. Books I am… Continue Reading Sabbatical Reading Update

Sep 082014

Summer is over, and it’s time to really get to work on my Sabbatical project. I did do some work this summer – I’ve read 3 of the books on my Sabbatical Reading List (and added a few more to the list) and I’ve finally de-lurked on the OpenMRS developer mailing list and in some… Continue Reading Sabbatical Restart

Jun 182014

I have been lurking in the OpenMRS project for the last 6 months or so. I have read wiki pages, installed the development environment, cloned the repository and built the code, and listened in on a number of OpenMRS weekly developer meetings. As I begin my sabbatical, I realized that it was time to finally… Continue Reading De-lurking…

Jun 062014

I have begun my reading list for my sabbatical. It includes general software development/software engineering books, as well as books specifically aimed at the next two courses I will be teaching in our Software Development Concentration: CS-348 Software Process Management (Spring 2015) CS-443 Software Quality Assurance and Testing (Fall 2015) Here is my sabbatical reading… Continue Reading Sabbatical Reading List

Jun 062014

I am spending the Fall 2014 semester on sabbatical1. This is the proposal I submitted to request my sabbatical leave: I will use my sabbatical to become more expert in the area of Software Development/Software Engineering. The Computer Science Department recently created a Concentration in Software Development, which has expanded our course offerings in this… Continue Reading Fall 2014 Sabbatical

May 282014

cue Ozzy Osbourne laughter… This blog is coming to you direct from Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 95, where Stoney Jackson and I are on our way to POSSE 2014 at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. This is becoming an annual tradition for us. So, why is it called the Coding Train? Because we are spending… Continue Reading All Aboard the Coding Train!