Feb 012012

My Spring 2012 course is well underway (into the second week), and going well. But, as I was putting up the latest assignments and resources for the class, it struck me: I’m defaulting to CLOSED! Many of the materials that I’m using are coming from Heidi Ellis‘ course at Western New England University, and from… Continue Reading Oh no! I’m defaulting to CLOSED!

Nov 302011

The Worcester State University CS Department now has its own blog at http://cs.worcester.edu/blog. It was set up to act as an aggregator, so that faculty and students in the department can contribute posts. I had it set up primarily for the students in my CS 401 class to blog about their Open Source project work,… Continue Reading WSU CS Department Now Has A Blog!

Jan 012011

I’ve been inspired by Mel Chua‘s post, Join Nicholas: chronicle the start of your own FOSS adventures, which, in turn, was inspired by Nicholas Whittier‘s post, New Year’s Resolution: More open source participation. Nicholas has made a New Year’s resolution to participate more in Free Open Source Software (FOSS), not just evangelize for its use.… Continue Reading My Year of Open Source

Jun 102010

I spent most of POSSE Day 3 being lost – and not necessarily “productively”. After spinning my wheels for a while and aimlessly looking at the code for Measure, Aparna and I finally decided to try to add a tool tip to the slider in the sound tools. By lunch we had broken Measure. We… Continue Reading POSSE Day 3

Jun 092010

Today we spent our time learning how to get the source code for a FOSS project. We used git to get the source for the Abacus activity from Sugar, and then made modifications to Abacus. Jerry Breecher and I added a “decimal” version of the abacus (10 beads on each rod). The changes to the… Continue Reading POSSE Day 2

Jun 072010

I am currently participating in POSSE Worcester State, taking place Worcester State College on June 6-11, 2010. This is a week-long bootcamp to prepare Computer Science faculty to participate in Free Open Source Software (FOSS) projects, and to be able to help their students participate as well. My own goal for this workshop is to… Continue Reading POSSE Day 1